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Mobile phone bomb

Yes a mobile phone can be turned into a bomb. It’s not faulty lithium ion battery. Explosive material can be inserted into a mobile phone and that can be detonated simply by a phone call. That means this type of bomb can be activated from a long distance also.

Apparently Mashiur Rahman who made this bomb is a talented guy. He thought the explosive material used in air bags of a car can be used as explosive material.

He made three bombs to test its power. Finally he became a professional bomb expert.

Ayesha Siddique, an assistant programme officer of Bangladesh Computer Council refused Zubayer’s proposal; then Zubayer decided to take revenge. He bought mobile phone bomb and kept it in Ayesha Siddique’s handbag. It was exploded very soon. Ayesha Siddique was severely injured but survived.

Police have arrested three men in connection of this explosion with more than one lakh taka, one laptop computer and some bomb making materials. The arrestees have admitted their involvement.

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