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Modern home interior design versus classical

Where the home interior start? After thinking this question people about the color of the walls, there are also pictures of the construction or repair. However, you can start from the other end – from the furniture. It was formed by the interior and the furniture designed by the one or other of its kind. We often do not know how much a house or apartment is interior, our inner world.

Home Design – classical or modern? One of the most striking differences between one style to another is the form. Some are visible in clear and simple forms of modern furniture elsewhere – Fancy retrospective line. To mimic the old style section is also a modern furniture because it is the place for TV and other devices, he also produced by the latest technology and modern with high quality furnishings. But certainly as soon as we decide on which section is better suited for ornamental wall paintings and Persian carpets. You can arrange to add the type of wood used or subtract details and details, to find out the use of hand-made decorations, but the main difference between the age groups continue. Interior pages – we can compare the differences between the upholstered furniture. With a sofa looks softer, more comfortable? Where is more suitable for cushions? Environment where ideas are born better? What do you prefer furniture and an environment where you feel better? What’s better reflects the interior of your world view? Your answers directly to the election.

Bedroom interior. Modern or traditional bedroom. Here against the historical function and motivation. Antique-style bed, of course it was a great king bed with canopy. His aristocratic origins reflect the rich wood decor and luxury. The modern bedroom interior design it’s much easier to sophisticated mattress, light curtains and bed linen extravagant, simple and functional drawers, shelves design.

Kitchen interior. No matter what type of kitchen is used, it is primarily for cooking? Today’s historic kitchen furniture manufacturers of modern equipment to the inner parts “borrowed” from other associated facilities. In the modern kitchen is very important for the benefits of new technologies to maximize. This reflects the aesthetic and social ideas. Today in the kitchen there is not only women but also men. Cook for them some enjoyment. They never take the time to this with pleasure. Maybe even with friends. All this must be reflected in furniture. Now they are bigger, more and more like an industrial kitchen. A designer shows open techniques to minimize the fall decorations. Include stainless steel tops, huge shiny pots and the interior, and hung in lockers and not hide.

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