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Mohakaal to release title album

Who doesn’t want to spend the Eid day listening to favourite music? As Eid-ul-Azha is drawing near, the music lovers are eagerly waiting for the Eid special music albums.

A number of musical bands are making attempts to bring out special albums on the upcoming Eid and Mohakaal is one of them. Actively present in the music scene for nearly eight years, the band members are finally releasing their first album on this Eid.
Not only the album will be their first album, but the band is also making it their title album as well.
“The probable release date for the album is the first week of the next month,” said Swagota. “The album contains 10 songs which are basically alternative rock with a taste of classical fusion,” she said.
The songs in the album are Anubhuti, Akash, Neeley elo chul, Ei ami, Swapno hoye nami, Anmon-e, Adharey, Dur akash, Ekla -2 and Nirghum raat jay.
So why does the band make the first album title album when title albums are usually considered very significant work of any band? “Mohakaal has been around in the music scene for eight years, so we believe we are ready for our title album,” answered Swagota.
Mohakaal was founded in 2003. “All the founding members of the band shared a common love for music. When we founded the band I was the only member who had completed her SSC. Others were still school students. The founding members of the band are myself, my younger brother Sandhi and his friends Riyad and Naheen.”
Since its inception, the band has released a number of songs in different mixed albums. The songs are Ekela in answered Swagota1, Protidin in Shopnochura 3, Protikkha in Tarpor, Bondhu in Rock 202 and Shopno Bondona in Rock 404.
Such regular releases helped the band find a niche in the music scene and become accepted in the hearts the music lovers of the country.
Their first song Ekela, released in Shopnochura 1, was a success. “The song was a melo number. In our upcoming album we will be releasing the rock version of the song. Hopefully, this will receive a similar response as its previous version did,” hoped Swagota.
The album will be released from G-Series. The current line-up of the band are Sandhi on guitar and vocal, Swagota, Riyad on drums and Turjo on bass and Ratul on lead guitar.
Sharing her other plans for Eid, Swagota said,“Apart from the album, I am working on a number of TV plays which will be aired on different TV channels on this Eid.”
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