Muggers upon bikes go desperate

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Stepping onto a streets of a collateral with substantial volume of income competence spin deadly as there could be someone upon a motorbike examination you as good as cunning mop you. If you have been lucky, they would substantially leave you alive to discuss it a contemptible tale. So, consider twice, be clever or you competence entice a predestine of taxation counsel Nazir Ahmed.

On Jan twenty-two morning, a taxation counsel as good as his son Asif Ahmed were shot as good as pounded usually a couple of yards from their residence in Shantinagar by muggers upon motorbikes. The father as good as son were starting to a Motijheel bend of Sonali Bank to deposition Tk eleven lakh.

The muggers shot Nazir in a leg prior to snatching a bag of income as good as afterwards shot Asif in a right leg as he attempted to run away.

Law enforcers have been nonetheless to acknowledge a muggers as good as redeem a money.

On Feb 6, muggers shot dual officials of a in isolation organization as good as snatched Tk twenty-three lakh from them upon Elephant Road. They as good used a motorbike for a getaway.

The victims had usually drawn a income from a bank. They were about to get upon to their automobile kept in front of a bank when a muggers pounded them.

Sources in a Detective Branch (DB) of military pronounced they have recovered Tk 1.26 lakh of a snatched volume as good as arrested 3 people in this connection.

Over a final dual months, an shocking array of mugging incidents took place in a capital. The gravest ones were committed by a muggers upon bikes.

Desperate for a remedy, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Benazir Ahmed in Feb destined all a 8 emissary commissioners of crime multiplication to take measures so that banks save a footage hold upon their CCTV cameras, pronounced a detective.

Besides, law enforcers have strong commitment in a collateral to lane down biker gangs, he added.

Several detectives certified that preventing such gangs is difficult as they mop people withdrawal roughly no idea during a back of as good as have quick shun by slight lanes upon motorbikes. Police vehicles have been not befitting for this kind of chase.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Golam Mostofa Russel of Snatching as good as Robbery Prevention Team of DB said, “The motorbike gangs customarily target those who arrive in banks in cars. One of a squad members keeps watch upon a target, infrequently inside a bank, as good as afterwards informs his cohorts over a phone about how a authority is carrying his income out of a bank.”

The alternative members of a squad prevent a target outside, waylay a income as good as speed divided upon motorbikes, combined a AC.

As for a situation upon Elephant Road, a single of a arrested muggers, Shimul, went inside a bank, kept an eye upon a in isolation organization officials as good as sensitive his associates outward over a phone, he said, adding that Shimul’s cohorts Sagar as good as Sultan shot a victims usually to emanate be scared as good as have an easy exit.

The AC pronounced they had left to a bank to inspect a CCTV footage though a bank authorities had no footage whatsoever. If a bank authorities endangered guard their clients they will be means to acknowledge those who come in a bank in guise of a customer.

He pronounced so distant they have traced 7 to 8 such gangs.

Another high-placed DB official, preferring anonymity, pronounced a DMP authorities competence deliver multiform teams versed with motorbikes to relieve such crime.

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