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Now DCC sues KFC for adulteration

In a line of steady disaster to progressing food standard, KFC, a ubiquitous code emporium in Dhaka, right divided face a uninformed hit from a city house of Dhaka for regulating contaminated soybean oil in scheming a tall price food during a Baily rood outlet.

DCC illness examiner has filed a box opposite a boiled duck seller with food court.

The KFC opening used contaminated soybean oil as good as unsuccessful to say food standard, a examiner reliable by correct laboratory tests.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is an internationally famous code which is being run by Transcom Food in Bangladesh.

DCC examiner has filed a box opposite KFC for violating essay 6(1) as good as 7 of a Pure Food Ordinance-1959 (amendment 2005).

A food justice source said, upon guess a DCC inspector, upon Nov thirteen final year, picked up a soybean oil from KFC opening as good as sent for laboratory test. Later a exam outcome reliable pollution in a oil.

While communicated, no a single from Baily Road KFC opening concluded to have criticism upon a issue.

KFC outlets of Dhaka as good as Chittagong have taken no step to say customary of dishes yet many of those were fined for sub-standard dishes as good as unsanitary condition of their kitchens.

The customers, eye cleared by their tasteful advertisement, have been being deprived by KFC as good as Pizza Hut.

KFC as good as Pizza Hut unsuccessful to say a customary nonetheless they have been receiving aloft price from customers.

Earlier, a box was filed opposite Latifur Rahman, owners of Transcom Food, purported of adulterating salsa in Pizza Hut of Gulshan-1 in a city.

On Aug 7, 2011, a mobile justice in Chittagong found decaying vegetables as good as tomatoes in their (KFC’s) refrigerator, as good as additionally found which their salad packets don’t have inform about a compositions as good as nourishment facts.

The justice fined Tk 25,000 taka, though pronounced they have been punishing minimally usually to advise them, KFC should be some-more clever about their quality.

A source from Bangladesh Standard as good as Testing Institute (BSTI) said: “The dishes being served by KFC have been out of BSTI listed 153 apparatus which left disbelief about their standard.”

Transcom Foods Limited (TFL) proposed a tour in 2003 as a franchisee of Pizza Hut as good as after sealed a understanding to turn a franchisee of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in 2006.

It has fifteen thousand outlets in 109 countries around a world. In Bangladesh it has outlets in Dhaka as good as Chittagong.

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