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Tremor again!

Bangladesh has been experiencing tremors more frequently than before. Yesterday the capital

Dhaka and its adjoining areas were jolted again. Meteorological Department says, it was 4.1

on Richter scale and felt around 6:58. Its epicenter was 183 kilometers off Bangladesh India

border region. There was no report of casualties.

Seismologists are divided on the tremor issue. Some say a tremor is an indication of a

catastrophic earthquake but some say, it releases energy, so it reduces the possibility of

catastrophic earthquake.

According to the plate theory, earthquake is caused by the movement of plates, when one

plate collides with another or tries to go over or beneath another plate then energy is

accumulated there which is released by earthquake. The more energy is accumulated the more

we have risk of large scale earthquake. Plate movements measured by seismologists shows

there is huge risk in Bangladesh.

Moreover building code is not followed in most of the cases and construction material

quality is not satisfactory in many cases.

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