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Oxfam asks for more govt. action to control food price.

UK based charity organization Oxfam has made a report by talking to various people of United Kingdom, Palestine, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh. Oxfam selected these countries because a significant numbers Muslims live in these countries.

They found that Muslims are passing a hard Ramadan this year compared to last year, due to increased food price. This organization blames global climate change for hunger in Africa. But it especially blamed Bangladeshi traders and authority. Bangladeshi traders are much powerful than ever, government is helpless in front of them.

Oxfam says supply demand situation is ok, syndicate of the traders are responsible for the rising in the food price. Ziaul Hoque Mukta, Policy and Advocacy Manager of Oxfam in Bangladesh says, government have failed rein the errant traders. He also termed it as a crime against humanity.

Millions of low income people are having inadequate foods in this Ramadan.  Price of almost every food items except rice has increased. In the month of July inflation was 13.40 percent, which was expected to be 11.34 percent.

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