Pressure on cricket board to visit Pakistan

Bangladesh cricket board agreed to send national cricket team to Pakistan back in April. It was reported that then BCB president decided to send national team because Pakistan cricket board agreed to support him for ICC (International Cricket Council) vice president.

But that visit was postponed at last moment after a court order which asked cricket board not to send national team to Pakistan for security reason.

No foreign team has visited Pakistan in recent years because of security concern. But Pakistani authority believes situation has improved a lot and now it is safe for any team to visit Pakistan.

Second edition of Bangladesh Premiere League, the twenty twenty league is due held in next month. About twenty Pakistani cricketers took part in last BPL. Now PCB is threatening that they will not allow any Pakistani cricketers to play, if Bangladesh does not visit Pakistan. BCB is yet to take decision. But Cricket Board president has already announced that they will not force any Bangladeshi cricketer to visit Pakistan.

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