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School girl cheated by boyfriend

A school girl of only class eight from Gopalganj is totally cheated by her boyfriend. A love affair was grown between that girl and a man over mobile phone. They regularly talked over phone and shared their feelings. But that girl didn’t know much about that man. At one stage that man asked the girl to come to Gopalganj town. That man took that girl to a residential hotel and detained her for one day. Later she was taken to a prostitute named Farida Begum in the guise of going to an aunt’s residence. She was sold for a handsome amount.

Then she was compelled to start prostitution. After more than two months, she got a chance to escape when she managed to get a mobile phone from another man at that brothel. The girl phoned to her family and her family contacted to police. Goaland Ghat police conducted an operation to rescue the girl on Monday. Brothel owner Farida Begum, her husband and others managed to escape sensing the presence of police.

Case is filed by that girl’s mother and that girl is sent to local government hospital for medical examination.

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