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Smart card to replace national ID card

Bangladesh election commission tried to issue voter ID card in 90s. Then they started a voter ID card project, but that project was abandoned at the end. Those Voter ID card had photos, which was taken with ordinary film camera. Up to eight person’s photo was taken at a time.

Dream of voter ID card became true when the last caretaker government started a fresh new national ID card project. These cards also had photograph and this was taken by 3 megapixel web camera.

But these cards were only a color print which was prone to forgery. Anyone can make a fake ID card with a normal computer, color printer and scanner.

Now the election commission is going to issue smart national ID card which will have many security features including integrated chips. It will be very hard to fake. World Bank is providing soft lone for this project. About nine crore Bangladeshi will receive this smart ID card after the completion of the project in 2016. The authority is hoping that it will bring transparency in government service delivery and minimize corruption.

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