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So brutal, or is it the justice?

Leftists often say, Muslim clerics and village elders like to punish women but in the same case they do not punish men only punish symbolically.

They give many examples where a woman was raped but the rapist was released, on the other hand the victim was beaten to death on the allegation of adultery. Recent case of Hena Begum came under strong criticism in home and abroad. In fact she was raped but she was alleged and beaten to death.

Leftists say, give a single example where a rapist was punished. Now they have an example, a brutal example in fact.

A 30 year old man was punished by village elders in a village only 30 kms south of Dhaka. He kidnapped a minor girl of 12 and forcibly married her who later managed to escape. The rapist was beaten and forced to parade naked while a brick was tied to his penis at river ghat under the full gaze of at least 200 people.  Police is now investigating the matter.

Though traditional local council are allowed in Bangladesh but they are only empowered to settle minor disputes and they are not allowed punish physically. It is only the last week when Human Rights Watch expressed their concern about the activity of local council where women are the sufferer in most of the cases.

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