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The number of people who live together in USA is 75 lakh.

Live together is getting dearer day by day. In USA this is not for popularity. They are doing it to reduce expenses. The number of Americans that aren’t married but living together like husband and wife is 75 lakh. According to US sensus bureau many unmarried of over 70 years are in live together status. Marriage is a complex matter, it is associated with liability. This is why many are inclined towards live together. Usually both participate for expenditures equally. Their life is passing happily as they get pension separately.

Due to economic downturn in USA for the last two years people of low income group is in trouble. Many have to leave their job. They are in critical condition. But life is not stagnant. To continue in life many are choosing to live together. If this situation continues it is a matter to observe where the future marital status stands.

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