Tiger kills fisherman in Sunderbans

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A fisherman was killed as well as partly eaten by a tiger in a eastern territory of a Sundarbans in Bagerhat upon Wednesday morning.

Hemayet Sheikh, 32, was a proprietor of Dhangmary encampment in Dakope upazila of beside Khulna district, reports a compare in Bagerhat.

Hemayet fell chase to a tiger whilst he, along with his brother, was throwing fish during a waterway in Ghaghramari stay of Dhangmary hire during around 10:00am, Mihir Kumar Do, internal timberland military officer of a eastern territory of Sundarbans, told The Daily Star.

The tiger killed him upon a mark as well as dragged a physique inside a forest, Mihir Kumar quoted a victim’s hermit as saying.

A poke as well as rescue team, comprised of a Ghaghramari stay staff, later, recovered a physique as well as handed over to a family.

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