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Transport workers protest.

It is said that ‘no one is above the law’.

But we all like to consider ourselves above the law.  The politicians, powerful businessmen and top officials always think so. They can implement their wish but common people can’t.

Yesterday the transport workers have been able to do so. A mobile court punished some vehicles and drivers for not having proper papers at Gabtoli bus terminal. The mobile court also punished some drivers for talking over mobile phone while driving.

They were handcuffed according to the rule, claims the magistrate.

But this triggered protest by the transport workers. They blocked the Gabtoli road by putting barricades. That halted transport for about three hours, which caused untold sufferings for the commuters.

The transport workers protested the action by the mobile court and termed the detention of the drivers inhuman. They alleged that the drivers were roped inhumanly.

Though the drivers were jailed for different terms at first, but later after protest from the workers they were released with taking fine.

Later barricades were taken off but many worker chanted slogans demanding action against the magistrate.

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