War crime witness lost

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Tareque Masud and Mishuk Munier were in the witness list of the trial of war crimes

tribunal, which is trying to conduct the trial of the accused Razakars who were involved in

genocide and atrocities during the liberation war.

Mishuk Munier was 12 in 1971. When his father Prof Munier Chowdhury was taken by the

Razakers, he (Mishuk Munier) witnessed it from the first floor balcony of their house.

Tareque Masud was included for his extensive work on the liberation war. He traveled across

the country to gather accounts of the war victims; he also contacted various journalists who

worked here during the liberation war. His documentary film Muktir Gan footage was collected

from a cellar of a newsman in the US, who shot those during the war. 1971 was his

centerpiece of work; in the process he gathered many audio and visual materials which were

crucial for the war crime trial.

Many witness died, 40 years gone, it is becoming more and more difficult to convict the

perpetrators of genocide and atrocities in 1971.

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