Weather change in Bangladesh

As the days are passing, the weather is getting cooler and cooler proclaiming the commencement of winter. It is appearing cloaking the nature with white mist. It is mellowing pleasant for people above the poverty line but for those who are suffering from abject poverty are flung on to the bitter experience of nature.

People suffering from cold-related diseases have increased in the country due to the change in the weather.

People catch these diseases at this time of the year as the temperature varies a lot between day and night, they said, adding that common cold-related diseases like pneumonia, cough, running nose, fever, and diarrhoea had been spreading fast in the past few days.

The physicians also advised the people to wear warm clothes, avoid dust, and be extra careful about personal hygiene. They recommended that parents should keep their babies covered with such warm clothes that did not produce sweat, bathe them in warm water regularly, and, if a baby caught cold, sponge its body with warm water.

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