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Woman jailed for her false allegation.

Usually when we hear about an allegation by a woman that, she was raped, we assume that she is telling the truth Because a woman speak about her harassment when she is compelled.

But in the northern district Panchagarh, DNA test has saved a man from the allegation of rape. Full form of DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid which is unique for everyone, and it is possible to determine genetic relationship from the DNA pattern.

Rahena Begum of Malipara village alleged that Shahjad Hossain of same village raped her, she (Rahena) filed case against Shahjad Hossain. While the case was running she became pregnant and gave birth of a child. Then the court ordered for DNA test, which proved the alleged Shahjad Hossain innocent. That means Shahjad Hossain  is not father of that child. The case was dismissed on 30th November of last year. The court also commented that Shahjad Hossain may file a case against Rahena for harassing him (Shahjad Hossain).

Now the court has sentenced jail to Rahena.

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