Buyers are coming back to Bangladeshi shipyards

Bangladesh has a glorious history of ship building. Bangladesh built world class warship and ship for carrying goods during the wooden ship era. Still some of those ships are displayed the museums of the western countries. But Bangladesh couldn’t cope with the changed world due to colonial rule. Khulna shipyard was built during the Pakistan […]

Poor villagers are selling their organs to pay back micro credit

Garmeen bank and Mohammad Yunus won Nobel Peace prize for ground breaking micro credit initiative. Not only Grameen Bank BRAC, another NGO of Bangladesh is giving micro credit to the poor villagers. It is said that micro credit has eradicated poverty among one crore Bangladeshis. Some other small NGOs are also distributing microcredit among poor […]

A retired army officer jailed by civil court

Usually military personnel are tried by court martial. The procedure of that court is little different. The verdict can’t be challenged in civil court. There is a tendency to avoid the civil court by military personnel. Many analysts argue that speedy and strict trial is needed to maintain discipline in army. But Nurunnahar Shelly the […]

BAF officers want general equivalent rank for air chief

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina visited Bashar air base yesterday. The top air force officials were present on the occasion. They talked on some allowances, postings and ranking issues. They said some posts in the ministry of defense are dominated by the army, but navy and air force officials should also have this type of opportunity. […]

Ishwardi airport in operation after 17 years

Ishwardi is a Upazila of the northern district Pabna. This airport was built in 1960 during the Pakistan era. It was destroyed during the war of independence in 71. State owned Biman Bangladesh Airlines tried to operate Dhaka – Ishwardi flight several times. But Couldn’t continue due to shortage of passengers. Finally it was abandoned […]

Orsha to act in film

Lux Channel i superstar Nazia Haque Orsha has signed for a film. Orsha says, she always wanted to act in film and she participated Lux Channel i competition to get the opportunity to perform on silver screen. She will do the role of Heroine of a theater (locally called Jatra) in the film. The name […]

No change in railway service in spite of reform project

Railway was popular in Bangladesh for its safety record and cheaper travel cost. It is also an environment friendly mode of communication compared to road transportation. Because a train can carry more passenger and goods compared to buses and trucks. It consumes much less fuel than the total fuel consumption of buses required carrying passenger […]

Closed circuit camera project revived

London Metropolitan Police has one close circuit camera for every thirty two residents. It’s a costly project but it helped them a lot to combat against insurgency. Dhaka Metropolitan Police initiated similar type of project more than five years ago. But that initiative was almost abandoned. Lack of technical expertise, lengthy bureaucratic procedure and mismanagement […]

Extradition treaty with India

Home ministers of Bangladesh and India signed an extradition treaty on January 28th this year. Later the treaty was ratified by Indian cabinet. But Bangladesh was waiting. Finally Bangladesh cabinet has also approved and it has taken its effect. This is a treaty which India was trying to sign for many years. But Bangladesh was […]

Wetlands are being destroyed by illegal housing projects

Bangladesh is a land of rivers and canals. Especially Dhaka was selected as capitals about four hundred years ago because surrounding rivers & canals and canals flowing through Dhaka have given it an unique natural defense system from enemies. Rivers, canals and wetlands are still necessary to protect the city from flood. Wetlands recharge underground […]

Four Eid films doing well

It’s a tradition in Bangladesh that people visit cinema halls with friends and family during Eid vacation. There have been many talks on Bangladeshi films that Bangladeshi films are failing to cope with the changed world. People are watching big budget English and Hindi films and they are saying Bangladeshi films are ridiculous. Few people […]

Buy bus ticket online

Yes now you can buy bus ticket online. A site is launched which allows you to buy bus tickets for various destinations of Bangladesh. Presently tickets for thirty destinations are included but the site organizers are working on to add more destinations soon. You can buy up to four tickets in a session and you […]

Monalisa is on the verge of divorce?

Rumors have spread that model and actress Monalisa’s marital life with Fiyaz Fashbir may be coming to an end soon. They were married on twelfth December last year. Their marriage was hotcake news for Bangladeshi media. Her husband is a businessman and he was fan of Monalisa’s charming smile. Monalisa is a popular personality in […]

Host Bangladesh may be dropped from T-twenty world cup

Bangladesh is going to host T – Twenty world cup next year. Ten countries will participate in the men’s world cup. Top eight countries according to ICC ranking will have the opportunity to participate in the world cup directly. Other two countries will be selected by qualifying round. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have to battle in […]