Buyers are coming back to Bangladeshi shipyards

ship buildingBangladesh has a glorious history of ship building. Bangladesh built world class warship and ship for carrying goods during the wooden ship era. Still some of those ships are displayed the museums of the western countries.

But Bangladesh couldn’t cope with the changed world due to colonial rule. Khulna shipyard was built during the Pakistan era. Still they are making quality sea vessels and it is also making small warships.

Some private sector shipyard Western Marine and Ananda Shipyard were doing well. They were getting orders from buyers of some developed countries. But the order declined due to global financial turmoil. As world economy is coming out of recession local shipbuilders are getting the green signal. They are expecting fifteen percent increase of their business in the upcoming year. A new container terminal is built near Dhaka to bring containers from Chittagong port through river. So, about one hundred river vessels will be required soon.

The owners of the shipyards are urging for political stability for sake of the growing shipbuilding industry.

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