Extra charge not required for Robi 3G connections

robiMobile phone operator Robi will launch their 3G (Third Generation Mobile Phone Technology) next month. It will be 3.5G, which means their technology is between 3G and 4G. Existing Robi 2G SIMs will be converted to 3G SIMs and no extra charge will be needed for it.

It will be a limited service only in the capital. By the end of the year subscribers of Dhaka, Chittagong, Kumilla and Sylhet will be under Robi 3G network. It will be 40% of their subscribers. They will reach to 35% of the population in next year. Their main company Axiata is providing 3G service successfully in many countries of the continent.

Robi officials are claiming that their subscribers will enjoy more data transfer speed than 3G technology, because they will introduce 3.5G. They have paid more than half of the frequency fee and applied for No Objection Certificate to the BTRC. Robi will invest twenty crore Dollar for this 3G project.

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