Imon and Zeenat marry at the end

Former husband of popular actress Bijory Bokatullah musician Imon and Zeenat were more than friend. They were living like a couple though they were not married. Later Imon eyed on other girls. Zeenat complained to police.

According to the complain, Imon tortured her physically and mentally. Imon filmed her naked videos and threatened to release those like Prova. Some of embarrassing photos were uploaded on facebook.

After receiving complain police arrested Imone. Nine Yabba tablet, six bottles of phensidil and bear were found in his possession.

At the end, the crisis ended amicably. Imon agreed to marry Zeenat and confessed his wrong doings. Zeenat also forgave  Imon, as he realized that he was wrong.

This marriage took place inside the police station. Bijory Bokatullah congratulated the couple.

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