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Power cost tag hiked again

Electricity cost has left up by Tk 0.55 per section from Dec 1 for all sell commercial operation opposite a country, traffic a blow to a ubiquitous users who devour less.

The cost of per kilowatt hour physical phenomenon has soared by 13.24 percent to Tk 4.71 in a initial proviso of a two-stage increment, pronounced Syed Yusuf Hossain, authority of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC).

The appetite regulator will again enlarge a sell cost tag by 7.09 percent upon Feb 1 subsequent year, receiving a per section cost to Tk 5.02, which is 21.28 percent up from a final month’s Tk 4.16.

Yusuf, who voiced a transport during a press contention during his bureau in a city yesterday, additionally pronounced they had augmenting appetite cost tag by 5 percent for charities, irrigation pumps as good as eremite institutions.

This is a second climb in sell appetite cost tag this year. On Feb 8, a BERC augmenting a normal sell physical phenomenon cost tag by 5 percent.

Yusuf pronounced a enlarge in physical phenomenon cost would assistance a supervision save about Tk 1,000 crore annual subsidies. He, however, pronounced a guess is not final.

“The supervision is profitable a outrageous volume of income for appetite subsidies, contributing to taking flight acceleration as good as aloft bank borrowing. This cost transport will palliate a vigour upon a supervision coffers.”

The former proxy pronounced nonetheless they have been augmenting a appetite cost tag for such users as farming pumps, eremite institutions, charities as good as a farming poor, a elect has attempted to keep a transport inside of sufferable levels.

“Although these have been supportive areas, you have to enlarge their cost tag as you cannot dont consider about which physical phenomenon cost in Bangladesh is a lowest in a world,” he said.

However, a enlarge drew critique from analysts as good as consumer rights group.

Akbar Ali Khan, former caretaker supervision adviser, pronounced a climb would have stroke upon inflation, without delay as good as often indirectly. “Production cost will enlarge as approach impact. Indirectly, it will emanate vigour upon acceleration as good as a cost of products will go up.”

The supervision could have dual to 3 thousand crore taka by hiking a prices, he said. “But a supervision is regulating a bill of a single lakh as good as 60 thousand crore taka. It should have suspicion whilst scheming a bill if it would be means to broach or not.”

He additionally pronounced a prolongation cost of physical phenomenon is really tall in Bangladesh. “Electricity is not being constructed in a many fit way. Nobody is articulate about mending management. we consider shortening prolongation cost can be a single answer to subsidies.”

Quazi Faruque, boss of Consumers Association of Bangladesh, pronounced a ultimate cost tag is a stand in whammy for standard people. “In a single hand, they will buy physical phenomenon during aloft prices. On a alternative hand, they will compensate some-more to buy industrial equipment which have been constructed regulating electricity.”

“It is unfortunate. This will usually wear standard people’s mercantile condition,” he told that over a phone.

Yesterday’s cost transport came a month after a bulk appetite cost was augmenting by 16.79 percent to Tk 3.27 a unit, which took outcome upon Dec 1.

From right away on, distributor-wise, commercial operation will suffer opposite cost levels as a country’s 5 appetite suppliers say opposite tariffs for opposite groups.

Customers of Bangladesh Power Development Board, a country’s sole customer of physical phenomenon from era companies, will compensate 13.62 percent some-more from Dec 1 as good as 6.74 percent some-more from Feb 1.

Rural Electrification Board’s commercial operation who compensate some-more than their civic peers will see their physical phenomenon bills climb by 10.74 percent in a initial complement as good as 6.58 percent in a second one.

Dhaka Electricity Supply Company (Desco) will assign a commercial operation 14.16 percent some-more from Dec 1 as good as 7.44 percent some-more from Feb 1.

Clients of Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) will have to compensate 15.42 percent some-more in a initial proviso as good as 7.76 percent some-more in a second phase.

West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDCO) will assign 12.69 percent some-more from Dec 1 as good as 12.94 percent some-more from Feb 1.

Despite a cost tag support, usually Desco will be means to have distinction in in in in between all distributors. WZPDCO would strech mangle even as good as DPDC has a intensity to strike Tk 8 crore in waste if it tries hard, pronounced BERC Member Engineer Md Emdadul Haque.

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