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Saudi diplomats are asked not to wear Saudi national dress

Saudi media have reported that the Saudi government has directed its diplomats not to wear Saudi national dress in public places. Saudi government has also asked them not to go out late at night. The Saudi foreign ministry has also asked the heads of missions to report if any staff does not follow this directive.

Though Saudi national dress is forbidden but they will wear those on their working places and official programs like before.

This announcement comes after the assassination of a Saudi diplomat Khalaf Bin Muhammad Salim Al-Ali in Gulshan area of the capital.

There is unconfirmed report that Saudi investigators are already in Dhaka to investigate the incident. The Saudi government has already demanded a proper investigation and punishment of the culprits.

This incident has drawn attention of the Arab media. Many Bangladeshi workers working in Saudi Arabia fears that Saudi authority may take some action against them. The Bangladesh foreign ministry has assured that there is no possibility of happening that, they are working on this with the Saudi foreign ministry.

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