Newly married couples may get around six lac taka in Japan

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While many countries around the world are facing overpopulation burden, some countries are going through the opposite crisis. Their birth rates have been declining day by day. The increasing aging population and lack of young people for economic activities have been a concern for policymakers. Japan is one of them. Experts say, to keep the population of a country steady every woman should have around 2.1 babies. Because some newborns and young people die for several reasons at a very early age.

In Japan, the number has gone to 1.36 per woman. So the government is encouraging people to have babies. But it’s not easy for a country like Japan where living cost is one of the highest in the world.

Men and women are getting married late because it takes many years to have financial stability. In the process, they are wasting most of their breeding age, so they are less likely to have babies.

Several studies have shown that many young men and women want to marry but they can’t because of the financial crisis. The economic incentive has already proven successful to increase marriage at due time.

So now the authority has decided to initiate a program titled ‘newlywed support program’ which may provide up to 600, 000 Japanese yen which is equivalent to around five lac Bangladeshi taka. To get this marriage incentive, the age of both husband and wife must be under 40 and their total income should be less than 5.4 million Japanese Yen which is equivalent to around 43 lac Bangladeshi taka.

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