City dwellers advised to stay home at thirty first night

Reckless driving by some drunks at thirty first night was common in Dhaka few years ago. Now the authority is cautious and takes various steps every year to check this. Dhaka metropolitan police has advised the residents of the city to stay home at thirty first night. Extra force will be deployed to ensure law […]

River communication disrupted by dense fog

A mild cold wave is sweeping through some portion of the country including the capital, Rajshahi and Rangpur division. Temperature has dropped all over the country. Sun was not seen in many parts of the country since last few days. Sky is remaining cloudy and dense fog decreased visibility drastically. Launch and ferries have been […]

Rokeya Prachi requests not to report on their personal matter

Celebrity couple Asif Nazrul and Rokeya Prachi is living singly for last few months. It is reported that they are divorced. Asif Nazrul was Prachi’s second husband. Her first husband sergeant Ahad was killed by some criminals while performing duty. Rokeya Prachi is a popular actress, started her career in early 90s. She received national […]

Capsicum spray demand hikes

The tragic gang rape incident shocked the Indians. That medical student was taken to Singapore for better treatment. But she couldn’t avoid death. Indian women are feeling unsecured and trying to find something which may protect them. Capsicum spray or chili spray brings a solution for them. This Chili spray is also used by police […]

REHB fair starts from 2nd January, RAJUK monitoring not allowed

Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) is going to organize their annual housing fair at BangaBandhu International Conference Center. This fair will start from 2nd January and end on 6th January. Fair will open at 10 am and end at 8 pm every day except the inaugural day, fair will open at 11 […]

Foreign firms to audit mobile phone operators

Fifteen percent value added tax (VAT) charged to mobile phone users for any service. This amount is deducted automatically from consumer’s account. But question is where this money goes? Is this money going to the government fund? Moreover there are allegations that mobile phone operators are involved in illegal voice over internet protocol operation. Bangladesh […]

Buriganga and Shitalakkhya river water is untreatable

Dhaka WASA mostly depends on underground water. But excessive dependence on underground water is decreasing the water level. WASA is trying to reduce dependence on underground water. So they are eying on surface water. Technically it’s a cheaper solution. But growing population and unplanned urbanization has polluted Buriganga and Shitalakkha rivers. So now WASA is […]

Veet Channel i top model contest 2012 ends

Veet Channel i top model contest ended with a colorful program at Bangabandhu International Conference Center yesterday evening. The final episode of this year’s contest started at 7:50 pm and Channel i telecasted it live. This was a colorful program with song and dance. SI Tutul, Fahmadia Nabi and Samina Chawdhury sang song, film star […]

BTV’s 48 years

State owned Bangladesh Television celebrated its 48th anniversary yesterday. Journey of today’s Bangladesh Television was started on 25th December, 1964 as Dhaka station of Pakistan Television. It was the first television in this region; even Calcutta didn’t have television at that time. BTV had audience outside the border also. Those glorious days are gone. Still […]

‘No mini skirt’- Swaziland police

Swaziland is a South African country, became an independent nation in 1968. It has a colonial law which prohibits women from wearing immoral dress. A police spokeswoman said, police may arrest women wearing too revealing dresses. They cannot wear mini skirt and top which reveal their stomach. This ban is not applicable for annual reed […]

Forty Rohingyas sheltered in Malaysia

Rohingyas are the ethnic minorities of Myanmar. The constitution of the country do not recognize them as citizen of that country, though Rohingyas are living there for hundreds of years. According to the United Nations, Rohingyas are the most deprived ethnic minorities in the world. Rohingyas fled to neighboring Bangladesh before. But later the Myanmar […]

JSC and JDC results to be published on 27th December

Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examination results will be published at 03:00 pm on 27th December. The results will be published simultaneously on all education board websites, examination centers and educational institutes. Results will also be available by SMS. Students may visit the site: to get the result. This examination […]

Barsha’s new film on Valentine’s Day

Actress Barsha came to limelight with the film ‘Khoj the search’. Later she acted on another film ‘Most Welcome’, then modeled in a mobile phone advertisement. Her another identity is, she is wife of director MA Jalil Ananta, who has made another film ‘Nishartha Bhalobasha’. It will be released on Valentine’s Day. Many doubted on […]

Two passengers thrown from running train

Two passengers are reported to have thrown from running train by hijackers. One of them is in critical condition. These two passengers are textile engineers passed from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. They are working as a novice engineers in a factory at Gazipur. They were travelling on Turag Express, when the train reached […]

Can man rape his wife?

What is the definition of rape? Can man have forcible sex with his wife? More than one hundred and fifty year old Indian Penal Code does not recognize marital rape as a criminal offense, though more than one hundred countries in the world have criminalized marital rape. The sexual assault bill was placed in the […]