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Avoid spending for sex to become gentleman!

A new study conducted by ‘Prostitution Research and Educations’ concludes those males who spend money for sex are more likely to be violent against women.

It was conducted among 202 men in Boston, separated in couples on the criterion, who spends money for sex and who does not. They were separated on the basis of education, age and race. So half of them spend money for sex and half do not. They were asked to answer some questions about their view on women.

It was clearly found that those who spend money for sex are more engaged in violence, drug, and illegal arms. They have very little sympathy to prostitutes compared to those who do not spend money for sex and they believe that it’s possible to engage women in prostitution by luring them or by trafficking them. More over they do dot have any respect to prostitutes.

Perhaps no study was needed to know this, as everyone easily can understand this type of mindset of criminals. But the organizer of the study would say, it’s time to avoid spending money for sex, because it is the beginning of the end.

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