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Drama over teacher’s scandal: Manju Ara finished idealisation VNSC principal

In a idealisation partial of tall fool around over a teacher’s sex scandal, Manju Ara Begum was finished Viqarunnisa School as great as College principal by an central sequence upon Thursday evening.

In a discerning makeover, effusive principal Hosne Ara Begum handed over a assign of bureau to her successor, a comparison clergyman of a conjectural tutorial establishment right away hold in a spiral of what looks similar to coups as great as countercoups.

Dhaka Education Board Chairman Professor Fahima Khatun reliable to banglanews a idealisation appointment.
Earlier in a day, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid pronounced Hosne Ara Begum was still Principal of Viqarunnisa Noon School as great as College as great as not Ambia Khatun who was catapulted in to a desired chair by a ruling body’s 5 members by stealing Hosne Ara.

In a arise of a fiasco, a apportion told reporters during his bureau that “legally Hosne Ara is still a principal of Viqarunnisa”.

Earlier upon Jul 13, Viqarunnisa veritably veered off a unequivocally conjectural lane jot down as country’s most appropriate tutorial establishment between a sacking of a principal as great as afterwards sacking of a ruling physique itself that took a movement between a quarrel over an situation of deflowering a tyro by a teacher.

In a prompt counteraction, supervision authorities Wednesday shaped a four-member ad-hoc cabinet by dissolving a ruling physique of Viqarunnisa Noon School as great as College, prior to prolonged after a principal was dismissed by a infancy preference of a governors.

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