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Education minster’s call to resist eve teasing

Eve teasing was always a problem for teenage girls and young women around the world. Bangladesh is not also an exception.

School going teenage girls, female college and university students and even female professionals are becoming victim of eve


Stalkers usually pass irritating comments to girls, intentionally grope their body. There are many kinds of activities to

humiliate the girls which are invented by the ill minded peoples.

The Bangladesh government has been trying to eradicate this problem. It conducted various counseling programs, operated

mobile courts and apparently those steps worked. But such incidents are on the increase again.
A school girl of Jessore committed suicide after she was harassed sexually.

The education minister Nurul Islam Nahid has expressed his concern and he called for action from all walks of people from

their respective position. He says, female students are our daughters, sisters and relatives, they are the future mothers,

and we need educated mother to build the nation.

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