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Eve teasing or Sexual harassment?

‘Eve teasing’ and ‘sexual harassment’ are very close terminology. But Rights activists yesterday called for using the term “sexual harassment” to describe bullying of young women saying the words “eve teasing” were too lenient a term to describe a nasty crime the perpetrators of it do.

“In no way it (bullying) should be seen as a minor offense, which is meant by the use of term ‘eve teasing’ . . . it is actually sexual harassment and it’s perpetrators must face severe legal actions,” civil society activist and economist Professor Anu Mohammad told a discussion.

He said use of the term “eve teasing” in a different way intended to make a “serious crime” as simple as a “fun” when the victims’ security was exposed to danger.

Justice Mohammad Golam Rabbani, Professor Geetiara Nasreen, Professor Kaberi Gayen, Professor Nasrin Khandoker, Professor Shyamoli Shil addressed, among others, the discussion chaired by Professor Nasima Akhter Hossain of Jahangirnagar University.

Several of the speakers demanded enactment of tougher laws to expose perpetrators of bullying to justice but Justice Rabbani said the existing law could appropriately punish the perpetrators for which “the victims complain is enough”.

The former High Court judge rather said efforts should be made to launch a campaign to regenerate social values to get rid of the growing curse as “degeneration of the values is the prime cause of increasing sexual harassment”.

Some of the speakers also criticized the codename “Operation Romeo Hunt” to mean the elite anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion’s (RAB) anti-bullying campaign which could romanticize the act.

DHAKA, Nov 27 (BSS)

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