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Girl raped and sold for prostitution by her father

Do you remember the incident in Austria few years ago which stunned the world? A girl was

kidnapped by her father and she was forced to stay in a cellar (underground room)? She was

raped by her father year after year and eventually she was mother of four children.
Now another nasty incident happened in the Indian state of Kerala. A father asked his 17

year old daughter to start prostitution. But she was reluctant. That father at first raped

her, starved and forced her to have sex with men for money.
“My father first raped me when my mum was not home. Later he started taking me out to

different locations, saying I’ll get a chance to act in movies,” the girl told a local

television channel.
Police have arrested her father and 29 people for having sex with her for money.
When her mother came to know about her father’s activity, that father threatened to kill all

of them. It was only known when their relatives reported to police.
The girl says 200 men had sex with her. She can mention about 70 men’s name now. These are

said to include contractors, film producers and policemen.
Chief Minister Oomen Chandy of Kerala said. ‘Government will not let any one to escape the

The girl is now undergoing treatment for depression.

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