Girls to strip for Putin?

Do you remember the news of an Indian city few years ago which got importance in world

media, where a housewife walked on streets stripped, because she was tortured for dowry?

Then Indian police took her matter seriously. So stripping is a way to protest.

But in Russia it is also a tool to support. A Putin supporter group started an online

campaign urging girls to strip and take the chance to win ipad2.

A promotional video shows a blond girl striping in support of Putin. Basically it’s a pre

election campaign.

In October last year some journalism students posed in lingerie for a calendar for Putin’s

58th birthday.

Feminists are furious to see this move, they say it intensifies sexualized culture here and

spreads prostitution.

Putin was president of Russia during 2000-2008; he failed to contest in the last

presidential election due to the law which bars one to become president three times in a

row. Now one term is gone and he has chance.

His supporters believe he is a gift of God for Russia who took Russia in a strong position

in the international arena after the fall of Soviet Union.

So let’s see how many girls strip for Putin.

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