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Halal sex shop!

sex-shopSex shop or adult stores are common in the western countries. Adult customers can buy various products like vibrator, lubricant, etc from there. But sex is to some extent taboo in the east. Especially the Muslim culture prohibits unnatural sexual behavior.

Turkey is a secular country but majority of its citizens are Muslim. Haluk Murat Demirel, a Turkish entrepreneur has launched an online sex shop there. He is saying that he is offering only Islamic products. He is also offering advice on sex. He says, most online sex shops have sexually explicit images on their site. Muslims don’t like it. They have made a decent site and it has different section for men and women.

There are many misconceptions on sex among the Turkish. Organizers of the site are expecting that their site will help to have better understanding of sex and sex is not prohibited in Islam.

There were some sex shops in Turkey but it is the first online sex shop of there. It has drawn huge visitor in its first few days.

Site: www.bayan.helalsexshop.com

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