Hrishitaa is waiting for good item song

Item song is characteristic to south Asian film, where one or more song is used in a cinema; in most of the cases those songs are not for the story. Those songs are to grab attention. Usually these item songs are comprised with dances by many other performers.

Most of today’s female performers wear sexually appealing dresses in those item song dances. Producers and directors think these are helpful for their commercial success.
Main stream actresses avoided item girl role. But now they are happy with this role and they are considering this as an opportunity to grab attention. In face now they are in a race for it.

Actress Hrishitaa is no exception. She thinks it is a good opportunity to connect with audience. She was highly appreciated for her a Marathi film ‘Mani Mangalsutra’. But she loves doing Hindi film and she wants to continue it. She said these in a recent interview.

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