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Hypocrisy of the hooded Bangladeshi politicians

Century back, during the course of a trial proceeding, the collector asked the Indian Iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – “Is adultery a crime”. With unexpected boldness Sardar Patel replied, “No, Sir. In all advanced countries, adultery is not an offence. But in the backward countries, the Sadhus and magistrates of the lower court, religious, narrow-minded Brahmins look upon such as serious offence”.

Hundred year later, when world’s technology, economy, culture and idea, specially thought, step forward into thousand miles ahead, the Bangladeshi government set to approve a new law, as Weekly Blitz reports, to impose Sharia veil on the television channels by strongly banning “kiss scenes”! Furthermore such decision of the Bangladesh government will sweep out the internationally popular television channels like Star Movie, Z Movie, HBO, AXN, and Warner Brothers etc. At a time this new law might deter the TV channels in Bangladesh in broadcasting any promotional program or advertisement on Christmas, Buddha Purnima (the prime festival for the Buddha’s followers), and Puja (festival and rituals of the Hindus). It is quite an unbelievable news for any civilized individual and particularly very shocking for me. There is other news of seizing the media freedom, which I don’t want to talk about.

Firstly, I would like to mention that this ruling government is taking all kind of advantages and supports from secular and progressive sects of the country by claiming that the leading party and some leftist parties of the allied government are secular and progressive. Even they are trying their best to sell this message to the Westerners to get moral and international political supports. I can easily guess that the government lobbyists are explaining to the influential western countries that they want to make this country a secular one, but since the religious sentiment is high; so they can’t amend and erase the Islamic words overnight from the constitution, which had been included by the dictators. Thus they are incorporated with the idea for the time being. But in practice, unfortunately, this so-called secular government has dozens of initiatives, which are nothing wrong in the eyes of the fundamentalist groups. Merely tie with India does not mean secularism to the open-minded people of Bangladesh. It is well known to the ruling government of Bangladesh that there are dangerous elements, not even hidden, in the very sensitive government machines. There are many Awami league leaders who have grabbed lands from religious minorities. The government has taken no action against these fellow political workers. Leader, who got holy scar on forehead by praying, have no sympathy at all to the other beliefs. By the by, the current information minister in Bangladesh, Abul Kalam Azad grew up in an atmosphere, which was not in favor of secularism. The Minister, served in ICDDR-B offering 5 times prayer every day, is known as decrepit and good for nothing.

What inspired this so-called secular government in banning kiss scene while hundreds of thousands of young boys and girls are freely watching porn movies on their mobile devices? Or, when approximately ten thousand females serving in different hotels in Dhaka city, as sex workers? Most of the offices and media houses are now the places of consensual coitus? We have seen the Awami League leader destroying the biggest legal brothel in the country (at Naraynganj district) few years back just for making a cheap political stunt. By that action, thousand of legal sex workers lost their livelihoods and were forced to roam on streets selling sex. The policy makers of the ruling parties (the Grand Alliance) have to clarify, what provoked them in imposing ban on kiss scenes on TV channels or stopping publicity of festivals of the religious minorities? It was lately learnt that, in the proposed law, the government also discourages showing females not wearing “decent costumes”. What is the definition of this “decency”? Sharia veils or Burqa? Who inspired the ruling party in such decisions? Their coalition partners, who support imposing Sharia law in Bangladesh? How kissing scenes disturb them? Do they want to make the country a similar edition of Iran or Saudi Arabia, where housemaids are sexually abused nearly in every palaces, harems and houses?

The leaders do not see hundreds of children, even of age below 10, are openly forced to be sex workers in the brothels. School going girls are the subjects of raping in every nook and corners in the country due to the lack of law and orders. Thousands of young girls are being stowaways by the traffickers every year into India, Pakistan and Middle East. They don’t see the abusers making the girls victims of acid terror. They do not see the officials openly taking away the money of vulnerable group feeding programs. They do only see aesthetic kissing as orgasm. Do they consider movie channels like Star, AXN, WB or HBO as porn outlets?

Possibly the intension behind such Islamist prototype decisions of the government is exposed already. The ruling Bangladesh Awami League wants to cash the Islamic sentiment of the voters, while they greatly ignore the rights of the religious minorities, such as Vested Property Act, which forcibly grabbed properties belonging to thousands of Hindu families. I have reason to raise question – are Awami League government assigned to establish Sharia rule in Bangladesh? Are they aspiring to transform Bangladesh into another Iran? In recent days the government machinery has become extremely active in ensuring that no one consumes alcoholic beverage in Bangladesh. They are trying hard to impose laws similar as Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh instead of moving ahead coping with the global trend, is gradually stepping back towards dark-ages of Sharia laws. Like the Islamist parties, the ruling Bangladesh Awami League, which proclaims to be secularist considers Israel as an “enemy nation” – similarly as its Islamist predecessors. But why? Is Bangladesh at war with Israel? Or, the ruling party in Bangladesh is upholding the similar ideology of the Islamists simply to satisfy its Iranian and Hamas counterparts?

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