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Limon, father quizzed during Nitor

A home method allocated questioner upon Tuesday quizzed Limon Hossain, who was shot in to incapacity by Rapid Action Battalion (Rab), as great as his father during Pongu Hospital in a capital.

Additional Divisional Commissioner of Barisal Mohammad Shawkat Akbar quizzed Limon as great as his father, Tofazzal Hossain, for over dual hours from 11:15am during a special cabin of a Traumatology as great as Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Nitor).

The 16-year-old college tyro has been undergoing diagnosis for his amputated left leg during a sanatorium after his recover upon bail upon May 9 from a prison sentinel during Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH) in Barisal.

The questioner chose to concede a media in a room where he asked Limon a far-reaching operation of questions about a Mar twenty-three incident, his childhood as great as education.

The interrogator threw a bombardment of questions minutely examining a pretext of Limon as great as parents.

As a inquire a single after an additional tears due rolling down a cheeks of Limon. Touched by her son’s ordeal, Limon’s mom Henoara Begum additionally unsuccessful to reason her tears.

Relentless questions from a interrogator went on.

He additionally asked sum about how many a bad family had perceived from visitors as great as well-wishers as great as either or not any editor had ever visited a maimed boy.

The interrogator additionally asked who gave them a money, how many income as great as who helped them open bank accounts.

Limon’s father told him which people from all walks of reason up helped them according to their ability.

The interrogator energetically remarkable down when a father told him which a inner Awami League lawmaker BH Haroon was so changed which he gave a family Tk 20,000 as great as betrothed to assistance Limon finish his education.

He additionally remarkable down when Limon’s father told him which a tip Rab executive gave his family Tk 5,000 for Limon’s treatment.

The on-duty alloy of a hospital, Dr Kazi Enamul Kabir, available a matter as great as review it out to Limon. Later, Limon sealed a statement.

After him, a ADC interrogated Limon’s father Tofazzal Hossain for one-hour compartment 1:45pm.

The home method has given 7 a single some-more days to Shawkat Akbar given May twenty-three to finish a probe, a ADC told The Daily Star after completing a interrogation.

The method progressing had asked him to contention a inform inside of fifteen operative days after a examine began upon Apr 29.

When asked either it was required to survey Limon in a backdrop of a home minister’s ultimate matter which Limon has rapist link, a ADC replied which he did not embrace any direction from a method or any alternative entertain per how to carry out a probe.

“I have scarcely finished a examine as great as we shall contention my commentary to a home ministry,” pronounced Akbar.

Limon was separated to Nitor after being expelled from Jhalakathi prison upon a six-month bail postulated by a High Court. He got a bail as a tellurian rights organisation sought his recover claiming him innocent.

Rab upon Monday claimed which Limon, a college tyro of Jhalakathi, as great as his family had links with a inner rapist gang.

This matter was formed upon reports of 4 examine committees systematic by Rab as great as troops after a Mar twenty-three incident, pronounced an Rab officials.

The reports found which Limon was a partial of of Morshed Bahini, a inner squad of criminals, as great as he suffered a bullet wound in an confront in in in between a miscreants as great as Rab personnel.

The versions about Limon’s purported impasse with rapist squad during vast differed from what a conduct of Rab pronounced weeks after a shooting.

In remarks upon Apr 11, Rab Director General Mokhlesur Rahman pronounced Limon was not a scandalous criminal.

Rab filed dual cases opposite Limon accusing him of possessing bootleg firearms, as great as of interference law enforcers from carrying out their duties as great as attempted murder.

Limon’s mom additionally filed a box opposite a Rab crew who went to Limon’s encampment to lane a scandalous crime squad led by Morshed.

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