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Mallika’s High Fees Cost Her A Place In Murder Sequel

Bollywood’s sex-bomb Mallika Sherawat was offering an object series for Murder 2 for that a prohibited singer demanded 2 crore rupees. The producers of a film gave her an event to be a partial of a Murder supplement yet Mallika technically deserted a suggest by asking an celestial cost for a tiny cameo. Maybe she was not as great tender by being left out of a movie’s categorical role, that Mallika did splendidly great a initial time. The purpose that prisoner a aptitude of millions of girl with a arrogance as great as ardent passionate wish unfortunately was not meant for Mallika this time. She has reasons to be unhappy as a Bhatts transposed her with a ultimate singer called Jacqueline Fernandez. When a producers offering her a object song, she took it as an insult as great as reacted abrasively. In a snap, a Bhatts dumped Mallika as great as sealed an additional sizzling diva for a object series for Murder 2. Poor Mallika, not usually did she remove a mango, she mislaid a pouch as well.

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