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Prova got married again with a corporate guy

Much discussed Bangladeshi Model Prova has married again.

Prova just got engaged with her new husband Shanto. Prova said, they were introduced in a party 2 months ago. Then Shanto sent proposal through his parents to Prova’s family. Prova’s parents liked Shanto as Prova’s Husband.

Prova talked about her new husband, “He is not only Shanto (quiet) in name, he is also quiet in his character. As far as I knew about him, Shanto is a very cultural minded boy. I got confidence over him. I hope I would be happy with Shanto.

Prova talked about her work in media that, Shanto has promised to help me working in media as previous time. He wants me to be busy in media.

Co incidentally, Prova’s ex husband Apurbo did his marriage formalities in the same date. Prova also talked about Apurbo. She said, I am very happy to know that he had organised his life with new partner. Everybody has a right to organize their own life. I pray for Apurbo and his partner. May allah keep them happy.

On the other hand, after knowing about Prova’s new marriage, Apurbo wished Prova and her new husband to become happy.

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