Rape video shot and used to blackmail.

Digital technology revolutionized camera, now no film is required, photo and videos can be stored easily. Now camera is cheaper, many low cost mobile phones have camera. Many ill minded people use this to harass women. Porimal Joydhor a teacher of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College raped one of his students and shot those to blackmail her.

In recent days there have been many reports like.

But there is also some constructive use. Few days ago police allowed a teenage boy Milon to be beaten to death by mob. That was shot by some locals. This was then telecast on various television channels. Then police admitted that they failed to do their job there.

If that video was not shot, perhaps police would no admit that.

Mehedi Hasan, principal of a women’s technical college of Rajshahi raped three women and shot that secretly with high resolution web camera.

He is father of a son and a daughter. In fact he had consensual sex with two sisters. He developed extra marital relationship by promising job in his institution. He shot that secretly and threatened to circulate those on the internet. The other woman was a call girl.

After receiving complain RAB-5 arrested him, following his confession RAB seized web camera, CDS and computer from his rented house.

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