Sex addiction really exists

A recent study by University of California, Los Angeles suggests that sex addiction is not a myth. Excessive compulsive sex, sexual behavior, sexual fantasies and compulsive masturbation is a sign of addiction when it affects one’s daily life.

The researchers studied 200 people who were sent to mental clinic for some mental disorders. 134 of them were diagnosed with hypersexual disorder. Among masturbation, cybersex, pornography viewing, telephone sex, sex with consenting adults and frequenting strip clubs; most of the patients said masturbation and pornography viewing are most affecting in their daily life.

Some of the patients loosed their job because they could not abstain themselves from their behaviors. The researchers are now trying to find out whether the patients have changes in their brain like addicted person.

When one feels that he is addicted, it’s easy for the doctors to offer treatment. But it’s not a good excuse for their unfaithfulness in marital life.

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