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‘Sex education’ to be included in West Bengal School syllabi

Sex and sex education is a taboo in south Asia. No one openly talks about sex here. The youngsters often get wrong idea about sex. But sex is part of life like other things. Realizing the fact past Left front government tried to introduce sex education in schools. That project was suspended amid protests from different groups. Though, civil society was always advocating for sex education in schools. They believe sex education is essential for healthy living and reducing the health risks, when in this modern world the youngsters are bombarded with sexual contents. Sex education will also reduce the sex related crimes among youngsters.

Many critics said sex education should not be given before 18; this will only increase sexual crime among school students.

Now the present government of west Bengal is again trying to introduce sex education in schools. This will be included in class X and XII syllabi from 2015. It will be a compulsory subject but there will be no examination. Still there is a big question; will teachers be easy with teaching this subject in co-education class room?

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