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Sex workers forced to take damaging drug

A poignant series of womanlike sex workers have been forced to take Oradexon, a weight benefit drug, which is really damaging to their health, speakers told discourse yesterday.

Female pimps or business force often a teenagers to take a drug so which “they demeanour adult, beautiful, as great as some-more attractive”, they said.

Titled “Beyond a scene: Steroid drug operate between sex workers as great as a responses”, a contention was organized by ActionAid during a city’s Jatiya Press Club to lift recognition as great as mountain a debate to safeguard rights of sex workers.

Oradexon, a drug of Dexamethasone group, is routinely used for a cattle to have them fleshy. But it is used in most brothels which can means nephritis, tall red blood pressure, bone decay, tuberculosis, as great as psychosis to sex workers in a prolonged run.

Quoting a investigate conducted upon 948 sex workers in Doulotdia as great as Madaripur brothels in 2005, a speakers pronounced a operate is prevalent in a age organisation of fifteen to 35 mainly, as great as a users progressively get dependant to a drug as great as cannot repel themselves from it.

“It causes nausea, insomnia, runny nose, as great as flesh suffering if someone tries to repel from a drug accessible in all pharmacies circuitously a brothels. So it is really formidable to get out of a trap”, pronounced Hena Akhter of Sex Workers Network of Bangladesh.

Terming it an impassioned form of exploitation, Shaheen Anam, senior physical education instructor senior physical education instructor of Manusher Jonno Foundation, pronounced a emanate should be placed to a process makers. “Most of a girls in this contention have been smashed by misery or passionate exploitation. We contingency consider of their reconstruction as great as reintegration”, she said.

Presenting a keynote paper, Lutfun Nahar, physical education instructor of ActionAid, endorsed which a turn of illness hold between sex workers should be increasing by conflicting precision sessions involving a pimps, quacks, doctors, as great as others.

The speakers additionally pronounced a Directorate General of Drug Administration contingency make firm a monitoring to safeguard receptive operate of a drugs.

Rabeya Sultana, conduct of Justice for Marginalised, ActionAid; Dr Zahid Mohammad Masud, senior physical education instructor senior physical education instructor of AITAM Welfare Foundation; as great as Prof Manash Chowdhury of Jahangirnagar University additionally spoke during a dialogue.

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