Sexual matter is getting complex day by day in Bangladesh

Sexual matter in Bangladesh is a very complex subject. It is always a very confidential issue for all kind of person. It is okay when there is some similar type of people talking with one another. Suppose, five boys of class ten talking then it is okay. But they can’t talk about this matter when an elder person joins with them. Because they will feel shy and the elder one will feel uneasy or prestigious. Different aged people are not used to discuss about the matter and different sexed people are also not used to discuss about this issue. We are generally very conservative minded people. We always see the discrimination between male and female because of some wrong perception. Sex is a big factor of life like eating and sleeping. But this issue is denied by the people though they accept it confidentially but don’t recognize it openly. A lot of people do sexual relationship with opposite sex but keep it confidential and act like other way as “OH! NO NO, I AM NOT INTERESTED TO TALK ABOUT IT.” I have seen some people who act very shy about the discussion of sex but I know those people are used to trice the women. Actually denying the issue of sex we are making a big communication gap between male and female. Because of the communication we have to face some real problem in our society. Infect, the open discussion about sex also have some problem in our society. Suppose, they can make physical relation from the oral relation. And this is my own experience that, mobile phone has given the opportunity to talk this matter openly. Often this open talk convert into physical relationship and often it becomes harmful. After all it is needed to make open discussion to prevent aids and we have to develop our ethical skill. Now a day’s social networking sites are also contributing such problems as it like as mobile phone. Some naughty boys are tagging girls in those sites as a weapon of blackmailing. Some girls are also being used here to make trap for the innocent boys. This problems are now becoming a matter of tension for the guardians.

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