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Special movie legal holiday during Alliance Française de Dhaka

Zahir Raihan Film Society has orderly a week-long special movie legal holiday upon 10th-17th Sep during Alliance Française de Dhaka to compensate reverence to women filmmakers from France.

A sum of fourteen French cinema with English sub-titles have been being screened in a legal holiday to symbol a 25th anniversary of a Zahir Raihan Film Society.

As partial of their 7-day programme, a members of a movie multitude already screened 4 smashing cinema upon a initial dual days of a festival.

Short inform of a screened films:

Ne te retourne pas (Don`t Look Back):

This mind-bending mental fool around from France stars Sophie Marceau as Jeanne, a sincerely well-adjusted wife, mom of dual children, as well as writer whose universe gets incited upside down when she becomes wakeful of a shocking mutation overtaking her own body.

She fast morphs in to an Italian woman, additionally declared Jeanne (Monica Bellucci); a latter`s father (like a initial Jeanne`s spouse) is declared Teo (Thierry Neuvic).

Understandably astonished as well as disoriented, Jeanne 1 sets out to compromise a poser of this shift by journeying to Jeanne 2`s hearth of Lecce, Italy.

Persépolis (Persepolis):

Filmmakers Vincent Paronnaud as well as Marjane Satrapi collaborated to co-write as well as co-direct this instrumentation of Satrapi`s bestselling autobiographical striking novel detailing a trials faced by an outspoken Iranian lady who finds her singular perspective as well as opinion upon hold up regularly challenged during a Islamic revolution.

In 1970s Iran, Marjane `Marji` Satrapi watches events by her immature eyes as well as her maudlin family of a prolonged mental condition being over of a hated Shah`s improved in a Iranian Revolution of 1979.

However, as Marji grows up, she witnesses initial palm how a ultimate Iran, right divided ruled by Islamic fundamentalists, has turn a odious restraint upon a own. With Marji dangerously refusing to sojourn wordless during this injustice, her relatives send her abroad to Vienna to investigate for a improved life. This shift proves an similarly formidable hearing with a immature lady anticipating herself in a opposite enlightenment installed with disintegrating characters as well as surpassing disappointments that deeply difficulty her.

The English-language chronicle facilities a voice talents of Sean Penn, Gena Rowlands, as well as Iggy Pop, with Catherine Deneuve as well as Chiara Mastroianni reprising their purposes from a strange French-language version.

Leur morale… et la notre (Their Morals as well as Ours):

Andre Dussollier as well as Victoria Abril star in this French black humerous entertainment from executive Florence Quentin.

The integrate in LEUR MORALE–ET LA NOTRE (THEIR MORALS–AND OURS) might appear to be typical, law-abiding citizens, though their prosaic extraneous hides a gusto for crimes large as well as small.

They reside by their own code, as well as when a male arrives as well as threatens to take divided their estate (from a lady they poisoned), they`re confounded by his miss of manners.

Oublier Cheyenne (Looking for Cheyenne):

The French-language design seeking for Cheyenne concerns dual women sexually in adore with a single another, as well as nonetheless hopelessly separated. When Parisian publisher Cheyenne loses her pursuit as well as can`t find an additional after a year, her detriment triggers a ire during “the system” as well as a approach it exploits as well as oppresses usual folk.

First by circumstance, afterwards by choice, she adopts a Spartan approach of hold up that includes branch her during a behind of upon cars, electricity, as well as a city itself — all of that alienates her girlfriend, Sonia.

It is filled with characters who fury opposite a appurtenance with pessimism, optimism, as well as naïveté — infrequently in rotation. At heart, a movie is about a ways in that money-driven governing body as well as large commercial operation wreak massacre upon bland lives.

Director Valerie Minetto to illustrate weaves together a hulk hold up tapestry stoical of joys as well as sorrows, astonishing treasures, as well as resounding disappointments.

The following 10 drive-in theatre have been starting to be screened during a rest 5 days:

Tuesday; thirteen Sep 2011:
5:00pm: “He Loves Me..He Loves Me Not” (2002; 92 mins)
7:00pm: “My Stars” (2008; 88 mins)
Filmmaker: Laetitia Colombani

Wednesday; fourteen Sep 2011:
5:00pm: “Je Vous Trouve Très Beau” (2005; 97 mins)
7:00pm:  “Enfin Veuve” (2007; 93 mins)
Filmmaker: Isabelle Mergault

Thursday; fifteen Sep 2011:
5:00pm: “My Father as well as I” (2001; 98 mins)
7:00pm: “Nathalie” (2003; 100 mins)
Filmmaker: Anne Fontaine

Friday; sixteen Sep 2011:
4:00pm: “The Girl from Monaco” (2008; 95 mins)
6:00pm: “Coco Avant Chanel” (2009; 105 mins)
Filmmaker: Anne Fontaine

Saturday; seventeen Sep 2011:
4:00pm: “2 Days in Paris” (2007; 96 mins)
Filmmaker: Julie Delpy
6:00pm: “Trouble Every Day” (2001; 101 mins)
Filmmaker: Claire Denis

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