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US women protests comment on short dress issue.

In many cases it is said that women is partially responsible for their sexual harassment including rape.

Some recent comments which said that women should wear long dress, and short dress is like invitation to rape were protested by the US women. They gathered in large numbers at Washington and swapped their business suit. They protested only wearing miniskirt and revealed their tops. They marched from White House to the Washington Monument brandishing, carried placards written “This is what I was wearing when I was raped. Think I asked for it? The cops sure did,” “my body is mine” etc. The protesters say blaming the victim only saves the culprit.

A protester was wearing shorts for the first time in three years only to protest those comments. When she was raped her mother and police at first blame her, saying she was wearing short dress and showing too much cleavage which is in fact asking for rape.

The protesters emphasized that women have the right to choose their dress. The problem is with those who assault the women. They demanded end of sexual violence against women.

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