“Virgin’s blood” debate

bloodA Chinese hospital, Peaking University Cancer Hospital is facing criticism after requesting for hundred female virgin’s blood whose age is from 18 to 24.

Many Chinese are criticizing this circulation on Twitter like Chinese social networking site, ‘Sina Weibo’. They say, why female virgin, not male virgin? This is discrimination. They are arguing that this is nothing but humiliating women and it will promote virginity worship. Chinese men still want virgin female as wife. Many Chinese women are doing hymen repair surgery.

But the hospital authority has defended their decision saying, that it is an international practice to collect female virgin blood. They are doing research on human papilloma virus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted disease. Female virgin aged from 18 to 24 is less likely to have infected by this virus.

Many internet users also supported the hospital authority, they questioned on the knowledge of those who are opposing.

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