Woman lost job because of her refusal to wear miniskirt and wet t-shirt.

A civil complaint is filed in a US district court by a 44 year old woman. In her complaint she says, she was sexually harassed by her bosses for years, they exploited her financial condition. She badly needed the job to feed her kids. This is why she could not afford to quit form the job.

Her boss instituted a peculiar dress code for her. Where she was asked to wore mini skirt on Monday, Tube top on Tuesday, wet t-shirt on Wednesday, No bra Thursday and Bikini top on Friday.

Her boss slapped her butt, asked to see her breast, requested for oral sex, to shower together; she was asked questions about her pubic hair. But she had nothing to do.

Finally she was sacked and she filed a complaint in the court.

As a consequence of global financial crisis job is becoming scarcer, employer are using this situation to harass women.

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